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The Micro Rings or Micro Loops or Micro Tubes hair extensions technique:

The micro ring technique is one of the smallest and most undetectable Hair Extensions technique available. With the micro ring hair extensions method there is no glue or sewing involved and there is no damage to your own hair. This technique can be done on all types of hair. The micro rings come in different colours of metal and are covered with plastic to protect the hair
This is where tiny rings are looped onto the hair and the hair extension strand and then the micro rings are clamped shut so they are secure.

The Benefits of the micro ring technique

The process takes about three to complete. This method uses no adhesives, glues, or heat. There is no glue, sewing or braids involved and there is no damage to your own hair.
The rings are matched to the colour of your own hair so you will not have blonde rings in jet black hair. Micro rings are safe for ALL textures from fine straight hair to thick coarse hair.


The Micro Ring hair extensions technique ensures that your own hair can grow naturally and there is no damage is caused to your hair. This technique of applying your hair extensions ensure that your hair extensions looks as natural as your own hair.

For even more comfort try our Mini Ringlets Extensions . Mini Ringlets are manufactured for Liana Hair Extensions they are the latest improvement on increasing popular Micro Rings. Mini Ringlets are 30% smaller these have been manufactored personally for Liana Sanneh. With the ringlets the extensions can now be applied in areas where previously extension hair could not be attached this is ideal for people with fine hair who want to acheive more thickness. Its also ideal for people who want to greate length in their fringe and other areas they would not be able to do with conventional size micro rings used in salons.

How long does it last:

This technique will last about approx 4 months before needing to be removed and redone. All the Virgin hair we use can be re-used

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